Friday, January 29, 2010

this is not for mr. hedgewitch (behind my eyes)

"Behind my eyes" is a song without music.

The story in my eyes, that my lies cannot hide, I've rearranged the words and thought, Lord knows I've tried.
But the story can't be rewritten or edited for me, my past has made my future, it will be what it will be.
But no one knows my story, with my oh I'm doing fine, when I know inside me, that's only in my mind.
When I say I'm 0k, that's what you want to hear, but behind these old blue eyes, I shed a silent tear.
The story in my eyes that my lies can not hide, is someone who has scars that can not be healed, the trauma in my life, cuts my soul just like a knife, yet I laugh on the outside.
Look deep into my eyes and you might realize just how hurt and vulnerable I am. Everytime you raise your voice, you leave me with not a single choice,but to lie that it doesn't hurt my heart.
The story in my eyes, that my lies can not hide is one of shielding my own soul.
The story used to be so nice, but now I can suffice, that, that is a long time gone.
People change, and so did I, maybe that's why I cry and thats the lies I can not hide.
I try to hold it deep inside but some can see behind my eyes,and that makes me feel sad, because they see the life I never had.
And my story will stay hidden in my eyes.

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