Monday, January 25, 2010

Mrs.Hedgewitches dilemna assignment if your interested

Your assignment if you choose to take it is: Take a good look at your bathroom, not the yucky stuff even though you must deal with it, but something you really like. write back and tell me , what is your favorite thing. Maybe that beautiful picture or flowers or perfume bottle will give you the gumshun to tackle the yucky stuff, how much more wonderful that room will be. If you want my scrubbing recipe just ask.


  1. Dear Mrs. Hedgewitch,
    Poor Erin is home sick today, caught the flu from some germy people in NY at the basketball game I went to on Friday, now I am trying to de-fog my head. So if I sound a little crazy, it's because I took those horrible, new-fangled drugs they sell in stores with florescent lights that give you headaches. So I will do your assignment, if you do mine...
    The thing I love about my bathroom is actually something the un-clean former owners, who abused this house before Ashling and Devon arrived to take care of it, left behind. Mounted on the hideous pink tiles is a beautifully white barsoap holder, a matching toothbrush holder, and a toilet paper holder to complete the set. The white is decorated with beautiful pink flowers that I fell in love with. I take special care to keep these three peices sparkling, and I will try my hardest to salvage them when we finally get around to tearing down the pink tiles of doom.
    Now, Mrs. Hedgewitch, your assignment - how did your Mom and Grandma cure the flu???

  2. Well my grandma or babcia in polish, would tell you take a shot of brandy or put a piece of minced onion in a glass of water and drink it. drink plenty of fluids and if there is fever soak in lukewarm water.after bath cover with many blankets.