Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm back

Hello friends of Mrs. Hedgewitches,

I need to apologize for my absence from my blog, but life has been busy, creating a new counter cleaner has been challenging, and not quite perfected yet but I'm getting the formula quite close to what I want the product to be. My regular customers are keeping me busy making washing powder and crocheting the pouches the powder comes in. Meanwhile a dear friend needed me by her side, for her mother was put on hospice and I needed to be with her for support and a shoulder to cry on, also Mrs. Hedgewitches had guests from Tennesse, they drove 17 hours goddess bless them, and stayed almost two weeks. So entertaining came into play. So you see dear friends i have not disappeared or flown away on my magick broom just very busy. Mr. Hedgewitch had a bout of broncitis that I swear was pnemonia, but who am I to say? Now what do I rant about? How about how I want winter to be over with and need to see spring. How's that! Let's talk warmth,crocuses,green grass and sunshine.No more snow and freezing winds. I think I'll do an enchantment to wake up mother earth early even though Ostara is almost here. Whatca think should I? Anyway I need to thank my loyal customers for buying my products. I will continue to bring you the best quality for your money. Spread the word Mrs Hedgewitch only works by word of mouth, no advertisment to jack up the price on products. Till we meet in the garden, Blessed Be! Mrs. Hedgewitch