Monday, January 25, 2010

Mrs. Hedgewitches dilemna

Good monday morning from the garden. It is pouring rain here in Edison and the ground is all mushy with lots of puddles, and that is exactly how I feel. A head filled with bubbles and puddles. Why may you ask?, because todays rant is about soap suds. Why do people think you must have suds to get things clean,think about it when you take a bath theres always some bubbles stuck at the drain or on the walls why so you thing they call it soap scum? It's the same with your clothes, the residue gets stuck in the fibers and dulls and actually ruins your clothes. So why would anyone think it would clean their clothes better? In your home things get dirty especially the bathroom, ring around the tub, and soap scum and in baths with no fan mildew, well i do have a soulution for the mildew but its stinky, 10 parts water to 1 part bleach in a spray bottle, spray on mildew, get around where the tub meets the wall now, and let sit over night then rinse. Don't forget to open a window a crack for ventilation. That's mildew.Now for soap scum, household vineger and water work best, same process as for mildew, spray, sit and rinse, but do equal parts. If you have a old tub they take a beating, to get it at its shiney best, I recommend Bar keeper cleanser or I could give you my formula on a different rant,and I promise i will. Bar keepers can be bought at the store and is gentle on the hands and tough on grime.

So dear friends here's my dilemna: scented or unscented? Unscented is my plain old basic soap powder, but scented is a little different here's whats in it: cold compressed soap, lavender oil, vitamin E, rosemary extract, coconut oil, and olive oil, now its cured in the powder and takes longer to make, you would think with all the oil it would stain but I assure you it does not, I've already made a experiment to find that out and it works just as good but has a faint scent to it, to much scent clashes with peoples perfumes and makes them smell awful. Thats where I need your help, see I'm getting you involved if you like it or not! How many 60 load bags thats 60 tablespoons, do you think I should start with, the people that get their powder from me want that "like grandma used to make" smell. And it does take a longer amount of time to make. personally I like mine straight up. Scented or unscented both are dye, additives, preservative, color free but the scented does have one extract so it has fragrance, but all the oils are pure. Now for my personal news, my moms ok, if my brother would stop being a jerk it would be better for her, Nicks not feeling good, wonder why? And my knees are hurting me something awful, no stairs for me today. This pouring rain can't be helping much that's for sure.

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