Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hello everyone,
Well busniess is going great sold at a county fair thanks to my friend joe, and have started getting more orders. With Mabon coming it will slow down so when we apple pick i can preserve all those pounds of apples. But maybe people will buy some as yule gifts and such. Not feeling well today so till we meet in the garden.
Blessed Be! Mrs. Hedgewitch

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm back

Hello friends of Mrs. Hedgewitches,

I need to apologize for my absence from my blog, but life has been busy, creating a new counter cleaner has been challenging, and not quite perfected yet but I'm getting the formula quite close to what I want the product to be. My regular customers are keeping me busy making washing powder and crocheting the pouches the powder comes in. Meanwhile a dear friend needed me by her side, for her mother was put on hospice and I needed to be with her for support and a shoulder to cry on, also Mrs. Hedgewitches had guests from Tennesse, they drove 17 hours goddess bless them, and stayed almost two weeks. So entertaining came into play. So you see dear friends i have not disappeared or flown away on my magick broom just very busy. Mr. Hedgewitch had a bout of broncitis that I swear was pnemonia, but who am I to say? Now what do I rant about? How about how I want winter to be over with and need to see spring. How's that! Let's talk warmth,crocuses,green grass and sunshine.No more snow and freezing winds. I think I'll do an enchantment to wake up mother earth early even though Ostara is almost here. Whatca think should I? Anyway I need to thank my loyal customers for buying my products. I will continue to bring you the best quality for your money. Spread the word Mrs Hedgewitch only works by word of mouth, no advertisment to jack up the price on products. Till we meet in the garden, Blessed Be! Mrs. Hedgewitch

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's been so long but it's worth it

Hi all my garden readers, Let me tell you that's samples are going like hotcakes and I have lots of prospects, As of late I've been dealing with a friend of mine who's mom is sick and I wanted to be there as her friend to support her anyway I could she deserves it, she's an awesome person, but while doing so I have come up with a counter spray cleaner, that works wonderful. Let's see where my journey takes me. till we meet again, Mrs. Hedgewitch

Friday, January 29, 2010

this is not for mr. hedgewitch (behind my eyes)

"Behind my eyes" is a song without music.

The story in my eyes, that my lies cannot hide, I've rearranged the words and thought, Lord knows I've tried.
But the story can't be rewritten or edited for me, my past has made my future, it will be what it will be.
But no one knows my story, with my oh I'm doing fine, when I know inside me, that's only in my mind.
When I say I'm 0k, that's what you want to hear, but behind these old blue eyes, I shed a silent tear.
The story in my eyes that my lies can not hide, is someone who has scars that can not be healed, the trauma in my life, cuts my soul just like a knife, yet I laugh on the outside.
Look deep into my eyes and you might realize just how hurt and vulnerable I am. Everytime you raise your voice, you leave me with not a single choice,but to lie that it doesn't hurt my heart.
The story in my eyes, that my lies can not hide is one of shielding my own soul.
The story used to be so nice, but now I can suffice, that, that is a long time gone.
People change, and so did I, maybe that's why I cry and thats the lies I can not hide.
I try to hold it deep inside but some can see behind my eyes,and that makes me feel sad, because they see the life I never had.
And my story will stay hidden in my eyes.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

(serious thought process) The crossroads

Why does it feel like I have come to a crossroad in my life, almost 50 and not knowing which direction to go, by now i should know my way around, with my vagabond teen years, sleeping wherever my head dropped, to becoming a mother and settling down. Now the babes are grown and I'm standing here at the crossroad, waiting, contemplating which way to go before the devil catches up with me. Which way do I go? Left, right, straight ahead or backwards? Can't go backwards, even though I'd do it all over again, Lynyrd skynyrd, steve miller, backpack on my back, just discovering the world, nope, can't go back there. Wish I could it was fun. Then mommy to my 4 babies and any other kid who needed a mom at that moment, I had a purpose then, to guide, to teach, and to hope they learned from my life, and I did the best I could, always having extra blankets and pillows and a hot meal and shower for anyone who needed one. You see, a house filled with kids reminded me of those happy days at the commune and youth and freedom and the feeling of being indestructional. Now that's gone, I'm vulnerable and lost and I stand here alone, am I an inventor, a poet, a storyteller, a leader, a councilar or is my destiny waiting here at the crossroads? All the freedom in the world and having no idea what to do with it. I reinvented myself as Mrs. Hedgewitch to begin a busniess, but who am I really? I am a almost 50 year old woman who doesn't know where to go with whats left of her life, I beat cancer, survived spine surgery, and lived through my dangerous past so I'm here for something, but what? I wish there were signs at the crossroad to guide me and help me make a decision on were to go from here, but there isn't. So I guess I just do iny, miny, miney, moe and go in that direction and see where it takes me, I just wish I had a pair of ruby slippers that I could click, to get back if I don't like it there. Wish me luck, on my new adventure called "life void of children". I hope the cosmos got my back on this one, and when it's your turn at the crossroads of your life, look up first, say a little prayer and put your one foot forward and go. See you there. Till it's time for coffee in the garden, Blessed Be! Elli

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mrs.Hedgewitches dilemna assignment if your interested

Your assignment if you choose to take it is: Take a good look at your bathroom, not the yucky stuff even though you must deal with it, but something you really like. write back and tell me , what is your favorite thing. Maybe that beautiful picture or flowers or perfume bottle will give you the gumshun to tackle the yucky stuff, how much more wonderful that room will be. If you want my scrubbing recipe just ask.

Mrs. Hedgewitches dilemna

Good monday morning from the garden. It is pouring rain here in Edison and the ground is all mushy with lots of puddles, and that is exactly how I feel. A head filled with bubbles and puddles. Why may you ask?, because todays rant is about soap suds. Why do people think you must have suds to get things clean,think about it when you take a bath theres always some bubbles stuck at the drain or on the walls why so you thing they call it soap scum? It's the same with your clothes, the residue gets stuck in the fibers and dulls and actually ruins your clothes. So why would anyone think it would clean their clothes better? In your home things get dirty especially the bathroom, ring around the tub, and soap scum and in baths with no fan mildew, well i do have a soulution for the mildew but its stinky, 10 parts water to 1 part bleach in a spray bottle, spray on mildew, get around where the tub meets the wall now, and let sit over night then rinse. Don't forget to open a window a crack for ventilation. That's mildew.Now for soap scum, household vineger and water work best, same process as for mildew, spray, sit and rinse, but do equal parts. If you have a old tub they take a beating, to get it at its shiney best, I recommend Bar keeper cleanser or I could give you my formula on a different rant,and I promise i will. Bar keepers can be bought at the store and is gentle on the hands and tough on grime.

So dear friends here's my dilemna: scented or unscented? Unscented is my plain old basic soap powder, but scented is a little different here's whats in it: cold compressed soap, lavender oil, vitamin E, rosemary extract, coconut oil, and olive oil, now its cured in the powder and takes longer to make, you would think with all the oil it would stain but I assure you it does not, I've already made a experiment to find that out and it works just as good but has a faint scent to it, to much scent clashes with peoples perfumes and makes them smell awful. Thats where I need your help, see I'm getting you involved if you like it or not! How many 60 load bags thats 60 tablespoons, do you think I should start with, the people that get their powder from me want that "like grandma used to make" smell. And it does take a longer amount of time to make. personally I like mine straight up. Scented or unscented both are dye, additives, preservative, color free but the scented does have one extract so it has fragrance, but all the oils are pure. Now for my personal news, my moms ok, if my brother would stop being a jerk it would be better for her, Nicks not feeling good, wonder why? And my knees are hurting me something awful, no stairs for me today. This pouring rain can't be helping much that's for sure.